Bottle of juice it says in the store
But really, store clerk, we don’t want anymore.
It’s just water and sugar, colored flavor, not nice
A chemical drink that one pours over ice.
In colors fantastic—bright red and lime green
Juice it is not, though at first it might seem
Real to those captured in maya’s strong dream

But, here! Here’s the juice packed by Krishna so sweet.
It’s water and red with some flavor, complete
To satisfy us from the heat of the day,
To drive both our hunger and thirst far away.
It’s messy and sticky but artistry’s there
The flavor the Lord puts in melon or pear
We give back to Him and yet pleasure’s still there.

How can they deny You, all merciful Lord?
With chemical juice they must surely get bored.
It’s sweet and it’s sticky but can’t satisfy
The body or soul with this flimsy try
Of crude imitation, apologies none.
While the Lord makes such melon we truly have fun!
It’s Him I’ll keep center—the only one.