Shelter keeps harm far away.
Shelter is where one finds a way
To safety and a place of trust;
The shelter itself cannot bust
Up into thousands of pieces,
Tearing flesh and leaving creases
In the flowing fabric of life;
Shelter doesn’t stab in the back with a knife.
Shelter is sturdy and strong and holds;
Solid, dependable without hidden molds
Which rot from within and destroy the place
Just when one needs relief and grace;
In illusion we seek water in a mirage
Shelter in a teetering old garage
Hope in the shifting words of ordinary folk
Who appear to hold out a solid rope
Of rescue and care and shelter
But who drop it and leave us bitter;
Shelter is full of gratitude and grace
Forgiveness, compassion, and not a trace
Of envy or fear or duplicitous dealings
Heart overflowing with loving feelings
Let me fall in the arms of my waiting Lord
My heart’s ship to His dock be ever moored.