Meditation in Raganuga Bhakti

This is an article by a scholar, analyzing how Jiva Gosvami instructs us to meditate on the Lord–His name, form, qualities, pastimes, abode, and associates–as one advances in bhakti and is on the platform of raganuga sadhana. The clear and specific guidelines which Jiva Gosvami teaches parallel those given by Rupa Gosvami, and of course, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. This is a great read for those already on this platform, or for those wanting to know more about it. You can view the article by clicking on the “view pdf” button:

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Bhaktivinoda discusses Jiva Gosvami’s meditation stages in his commentary to the 11th verse of Manah Siksa. Links to purchase Manah siksa, in printed or electronic form, can be found here:

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