Love for you

Everything in life, Lord, you direct
Though not seeing you we quickly forget
How you’re everywhere and in everything
And all life’s situations happiness brings
To one who never fails to see your grace
Evidence even in the filth of this place
So many, Lord, try to come to you
I see them around me—Muslim, Hindu and Jew
They wear their symbols and garb as I do
Telling the world worship is your due
Their sentiments inspire, I pay them respect
And know I still don’t love you, not yet!

Please let me glorify you—words, body, and mind
Not a tiny trace of selfishness find
Oh, that’s my desire yet will is so weak
Can you grant me love for you? At least a small peek?
Avoiding to do what I know very well
Without fear of pain that does make this life hell
Help me to surrender as fast as I can
Use every moment within this life’s span
Give all my love, dedication, and will
To you the great lifter of Govardhana hill
Fortunate I am without any doubt!
Help me, sweet Lord and the nonsense cast out!