Arjuna and Karna

The bowstrings twang
Flash! Arrows sang
Your glory as the fight’s begun—
Arjuna fights the sun god’s son.
The weapons blaze upon the sky
As soldiers, stunned, are standing by
And cowards flee away from fear
While you, Krishna, are sitting near.
No one’s plans can conquer you
Or anyone who serves you true
For what you want will come to pass
While plans of demons cannot last.
Your face far brighter than the moon
Shines benediction on Arjuna
But also graces Kunti’s son
Who is not known to anyone.
As wheels rumble the dusty ground
Hardly anyone is found
Who cannot help but stop and stare
As divine weapons clash in air.
Who will you save and who defeat?
Both conquer fear with no retreat.
Then! Ground bites Karna’s chariot wheel,
Knowledge of war his guru does steal.
Arjuna remembers the death of his son—
For dharma another battle is won.

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