Posts made in August, 2015

How I came to Krishna Consciousness

Manhattan swarms with inhabitants from every culture and region. Growing up in this collage of humanity, I admired the Indian women above all, flowing down Fifth Avenue in their saris. By age four, I had traveled extensively, especially to Israel where my oldest sister lived. There I was enchanted by the simple life of my brother-in-law’s family. From Yemen, these religious people had an extended family that lived by planting crops and...

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A Picture of Human Life

by Samuel Johnson (b. 1709, d. 1784) Obidah, the son of Abnesina, left the caravansary early in the morning, and pursued his journey through the plains of Hindostan. He was fresh and vigorous with rest; he was animated with hope; he was incited by desire; he walked swiftly forward over the valleys, and saw the hills gradually rising before him. As he passed along, his ears were delighted with the morning song of the bird of paradise; he was...

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On the Shore of the Ocean

Sing the song of sorrow, stranded on the shore See the ocean stretching wide till it is seen no more The way is long and dangerous The boat seems full of leaks Yet the grey-green of the ocean slaps the shore With spattering force And only desolation is behind me   Upon the other shore, unseen and unguessed Is the place of play and joy Without seeming to leave this side at all That world explodes gently and softly in the heart So softly and so...

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