Sing the song of sorrow, stranded on the shore
See the ocean stretching wide till it is seen no more
The way is long and dangerous
The boat seems full of leaks
Yet the grey-green of the ocean slaps the shore
With spattering force
And only desolation is behind me
Upon the other shore, unseen and unguessed
Is the place of play and joy
Without seeming to leave this side at all
That world explodes gently and softly in the heart
So softly and so quietly –at first it isn’t real
It grabs with enticements; it yells with a whisper
So one wonders if it’s real
Give up fear and swim, swim deep, internal in the soul
How to stay there all the time; want to float
Oh sapphire dark evening sky, glowing with unseen sun
Deepest brilliance, a kind of deepest blue
So very soft so very soft so very soft
Why do I forever run to smash myself on the hard rocks?