She stands by His side, sweet smile entreating
Us to worship His feet, soft and pinkish.
She massages them gently, offering tulasī.
Oh, won’t you please come and see how beautiful they are?

Rādhārāṇī, queen of worship, beauty supreme in female form,
Please protect me, don’t let me slip from the path of bhakti.
Soaring through transcendental treetops on a swing of flowers
Downpour of nectar never stops where You are queen.

Can You recommend me to Your Lord, O eternal goddess?
In this world I’m just restless and bored, forgetting Him.
Is there any chance I could join Your pleasure dance?
Lucky circumstance to be a flower in Your hand there.

Your hand of benediction has its lotus palm upturned.
I wish that I could get some of Your blissful mercy,
Glorify Your divine name, serve You all my days, please not in vain.
Just give me the same simple gift—servant of Your servant forever.